Helicopter cowboys

Vast cattle stations dotted
Around Australia they
Occupy some 20,000 cattle
Some would say
370,000 acres
An immensity of space
In the Northern Territories
Where many a cow they chase

And its done by Helicopter
And, the quad bikes they
Along with horses at the end
Can drive them anyway
They want to and they fly low
Its clearly hairy stuff
you need a lot of flying hours
And ofcourse a lot of puff

What gets to me these people
Have clearly loads of dough
They know how to use water
With all that stock
You know
Methane is a bugger too
With climate change about
And all those cattle farting
I mean whats there to doubt

With water being wasted
Like crazy everywhere
Fracking into millions of gallons
I despair
and the meat trade
Up there with them wasters
i can say
They blame the poor old kangaroo
Who hasnt a lot to say

He has been around for 60,000 years
Soft feet he’s good
A ruminant but no methane
Designed well and he could
Lick himself all over to
Cool himself and make
His intake of water
Less he is no fake

But grey suit politicians
They have a good idea
Whoever lobbies hardest
They are the ones they hear
Farmers get their handouts
Adani gets the coal
Queensland does the fracking
And loses its sweet soul

AUstralia gives free rein
To shooters in the dark
And anyone without a brain
Who wants to make their mark
Already we see the bows and arrows
The shotguns and the rest
Taking out our favourite friend
Who really is the best

The Meat trade makes its money
The murder trade they be
All those cattle are shipped from Darwin
And freemantle we see
And hear their gentle lowing
All knowing in the end
The one who gets the blame for all of this
Our KAnga friend

60,000 years ago
Where were grey suits they
Were tucked up in the ether
And, so now today
They think they have the answers
Shoot the kangaroo
Put it on the coat of arms
On quantas wings
the crew really

Know how painful it is
The totemic prize
Shining to the gods above
Up there in the skies.

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