Harbour Porpoise and their terrible deaths in Japan

The porpoise a small cetacean
Is up against it they
Creep under the radar
Being slaughtered come what may
Its all about Taiji alas
Because they are driving there
The banging boats and the pithing tools
And ofcourse world wide despair

But think about the porpoise
An endangered species who
Is getting a really bad time now
Its very friendly too
It loves to bow ride in the sea
And for this it meets its death
Japanese hunter fishermen.
deny them of their breath

But its very calculated
Very very cruel
As they come to play in the surf
Japan breaks every rule
They hand harpoon the mammals
Each harpoon has a float
And they carry on harpooning them
Which is something all should note

With harpoon wounds to think about
Bleeding out and more
The agony of all of this
Its not what life is for
When they are done with hunting
They collect up all the floats
Many are still alive alas
When gaffed and thrown onto boats

And there alas they suffocate
A slow and painful way
Of dying what a way to go
They honestly do pay
Just for riding on the bow
The japanese reward them
Slaughtering them and how

Some twenty thousand mammals
Are slaughtered now each year
Thats dolphins on the drive hunts
And the harpooners who steer
Their boats out in the ocean
Harpooning for all their worth
Slaughtering these babies
Limiting their time on earth

At least another 10,000 are killed
In drift nets they
Die a miserably slow and painful death
By-catch they say
But it doesnt stop the huntIng boats
Increasing kill numbers they
Are rising by the year infact
And its wrong that they must pay

And the tragedy for me is
It goes unnoticed by
Most of social media
And the warriors all high
On the taiji massacres
We hear it every day
Whereas the bulk of their murdering
Goes on far away

And a lot is said of the pithing and the tarps
And all that stuff
Ofcourse it is important
But I say theres enough,
reason to be angry
For the deaths that do occur
In the other parts now of japan
That are really just a blur

These animals are sensitive
They feel and so to be
In the hands of the harpoon fisherman
To die so painfully
And really very little news is spread
About their plight
They die now in their thousands
And I dont think thats right

HOKKAIDO due to kill this year 1056
IWATE 10569
And other dolphins

Total throughout japan including Taiji

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