Utter contempt
Scorn and disdain
This is just meanness
What can one gain
To laugh and to mock them
These iconic souls
Clearly a madman
At the controls

This is a dirt road
In queensland we think
A 4WD with P plates
The link
Is exactly where is it
Are now on the case
For someone must pay

This clut for a man
Knocks down six
Drives over them fast
Counting clearly he be
Laughing his head off
And smacking them down
What a wicked young man
We must now go to town

And see him in prison
Hard labour I’d say
Breaking up rocks
And do it all day
Let him feel some pain
Let him take it on
Those emu’s were innocent
And now they are gone

What makes these young brutes
Kill wild life at all
Get in their vehicles
And think that they rule
The road as it were
Cutting through feathered birds
Hearing them squeal
I am lost for words

And filming it all and posting it too
On facebook just shameful
Even to do
This one must ask oneself
His sanity
Is clearly away
And he does need to be

Locked up and not allowed to drive
For at least 5 years
That would teach him

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