Circus alleges it brought
To the masses
Animals clearly
The arrogant few
Who earned a good future
From dreadful abuse
They were all low life
Being obtuse

Ignorant numbskulls
Dressed up on show
With unflattering fineries
Travellers throw
Everything into a days work
We see
The big top its up and down
No place to be

All the poor animals
Know cruelty
They travel from town to town
We can all see
Shut up in wagons
No exercise
No fresh food and water
We all realise

There are so many ignorant
People out there
Families with children
Can feel the despair
To see a wild Roo
Doing ballet on show
Is contempt pure and simple
Out of its flow

Audiences hopeless
Perhaps hastiness
Taking the kids somewhere
Into such stress
All the indifference
And the apathy
Total irreverence
Is what we see

The dregs of society
The floaters are there
Hayseeds and bumbkins
None are aware
They get their money
And they are off in a day
Nobody cares
They just want their pay

They work under the radar
All cash in the hand
Nobody pays taxes
Nothing is grand
Its a show full of bluster
And antipathy
And all of the animals
Yes we can see

Tortured out of their dear lives

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