Autumn Equinox

Glorious Fruition
You can feel it in your soul
Everything is glowing
The final harvests role
Gifts from all that labour
Shared by everyone
All of us the mouse the squirrel
And the autumn sun

And equal day and an equal night
Renewal and rebirth
All are readying for Winter
And the sleeping earth
The goddess and the weakening sun
her fire burns deep inside
She knows the god is present
But still prefers to hide

The vine reminds us that our work
In some ways is like a prayer
And by putting our back into each task
We will benefit and share
Thats the celtic tree idea
It represents the swan
And sacrifice of a noble kind
For the good of all upon

From now on we begin
To enter into the unseen
A quiet time in the season
A general lack of green
The golds,and the rich crimsons
Orange and purple, they
Occupy the palette of the artist
So to say

The leaves will begin falling
And become moisture driven, they
Will rot down and bring new life
To every brand new day
We may decorate our altars
With acorns and oak sprigs
Ears of corn wheat stalks
Fruits and nuts
And figs

Perhaps a little basket for gathering
Seeds and pods
Grains and fruits and vegetables
All gifts of the gods
Baked squash good and heartening
Corn bread and some beans
I love the Autumn Equinox
With its ever changing scenes

On the 30th the ivy takes over
From the vine
Flowering in October
When its pale green flowers
Will shine
It offers valuable shelter
To wild birds
That wish to stay
It emanates From our mother
Providing nectar all the way

For butterflies a banquet
Of sweetness to be hold
Bacchus wore an ivy crown
And poets too are sold
On ivy crowns they
represent vitality abroad
And since it is the tree of choice
Then its treated with accord.

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