The elephant and the other great beasts and a special thought for iceland 76

From wildness and abundance
In the wilderness of cause
Ancestral shadows flourish
And to some a diapause
A wistful inclination
Of the enemy abroad
Whose arrogance and ignorance
We battle to afford

As size goes we are
Truly a dominating force
It must be said
Whether a great elephant
Or a blue whale
we are led
Down a path of respectfulness
The ambitions of those who
Are smaller yet are powerful
In what they tend to do

We have heritage and posterity
And instinctive memory
We have great power and commitment
And a longer family tree
The fraility of humans
They are savages in soul
Unlike the aboriginies
Who have built up a control

Born into a natural space
Our wildness we attain
We are tuned into the vital signs
We respect the wind and rain
We respect our only mother
The goddess of the sky
The land the vast expression
Which is really why

Being tortured in a cage
Or harpooned we can see
That though they walk on two legs
Catching up they be
They may have their computers
But compared to us they be
Still back in the ages dark
Their insensibility

Their obtuseness we can feel it
Their mortality
Is basic in the scheme of things
They have lost it actually
Their intelligence is mechanical
Trapped inside their head
Their fidelity and their veracity
Is in essence dead

We could lift our foot and crush
We could swish our massive tail
We could overturn their ships
And surely they would fail
Their mendacity is prevalent
They deceive themselves infact
Imagining they have dominion
Because of how we react

They live with immoderation
Disproportion is their thing
We have always been their teachers
Trying hard to bring
Some sanity to arguments
But perversion is their stance
By torturing the giants
They imagine we will dance

To their tune and all be happy
We are sad because we know
To create a life is wonderful
To destroy it stems all flow
Of emotion and responsiveness
Of benevolence and care
Of love for one another
And the ability to share

This planet and its offerings
Its economy of scale
Our stewardship the resources
The ancestors couldnt fail
To prepare the greenest forests
The bluest seas and we
The elephants and the great whale forms
Are the saviours actually.

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