Nets of nylon
Hooks of steel
Exploding harpoons
All for real
Dredged and trawled
Caught on long lines
Can none of you now see the signs?

Its teaching
Its beseeching
The screeching
The bleaching of corals
The death the destruction
Listen a while
As the call of the tide
Emits a cold scream
And then we all hide

And spinners
Yes you want your dinners
Millions and trillions
We cry
We scream its no dream
Its the thunder you hear
When the rain and the lightening
Doesnt appear

Nylon nets
Lots of debts
Great hooks made of steel
Lures of sweet morsals
Tempt the poor hungry
But they are just bait
And some of us feel

The pain
Its insane
A stain on humanity
Deep in the ocean
Devotion is where
Listen you will hear us
Our screams now are many

But only the vegans
Say they can hear any

Spare us a thought
Whether crab shrimp or mackeral
We all have our hopes
And we all have a life
Please leave us be
Let us recoup our losses
For goodness sake
Help us

The cry from the sea

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