A permanence of suffering
An artist with a pen
Creates whatever picture
Is possible and when
A Badge maybe of honour
Graphically composed
Depicting a perspective
Whatever was proposedj

Is given tone and colour
We must remember those
Colours may not be as safe
As some of us suppose
Use is made of azo dyes
Of heavy metals too
And many are not vegan
A factor which is true

Metal salts and plastics
Mercury and lead
Cadmium & barium
And nickel
I am led
To believe such things are toxic
Permanent its true
There is some fruit based “jagua”
But we musnt be clueless too

The risks out there
Are commonplace
And many tattoo’s appear
So its good to do your own research
For me thats very clear
To inject these kinds of materials
Into the skin we should
At least know the implications
Which might not be so good


Mehardi the genipa americana fruit
Applied generally to the skin
And gradually it fades as the skin layer replaces itself
Used by some tribes in the amazon
And one tribe I believe injects it
Henna another plant dye
But black henna contains toxic materialnn

Do your own research and go to a reputable artist
And ask explicitly for list of ingredients in the inks
If in doubt walk out.

At present I believe they dont have to declare
All the contents

And the potential non vegan
Might be bone char as used in soft brown sugars
And ofcourse the old favourite shellac
Used a lot in confectionary like chocolate covered dried fruits and nuts
This products can contain bark scraping and lac beetles

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