Live exports from Ramsgate

It lacks so much compassion
Live exports anywhere
Shipping living creatures
Around causes despair
Its cruelty personified
Its money all the way
RAMSGATE a name from Raven Cliff gap
A healthy place some say
That was in the year 1275
And now what we see

Is rams and lambs All suffering
Being shipped abroad
Its what the meat trade wants
And what they can afford
The EU wants its halal meat
Not stunned, throats slashed away
These are beautiful creatures
And boy yea won’t they pay

A miserable price for being
Born in the UK
And shipped from sunny Ramsgate
In trailers so some say
We have seen exports from Australia
And we know the carnage there
Its obvious to anyone
Live exports isnt fair

They are living breathing
Thinking caring animals
Whose stress levsls rise
Very much and so
It becomes so miserable
Travelling all together
Frightened they really are
Strange noises heat and cold and
The venality is far
More serious than we imagine
Out of sight and out of mind
This is the bloody meat trade
Where people turn a blind

Eye to all the suffering
They are not paid to be
Compassionate to animals
They all die eventually
So who cares what they go through
Ship them let them go
Shivering when they reach their destination
And I know

Some wont make the abattoir
They will go in the boots of cars
Or savagely slaughtered in the street
Yea they do see stars
But not the stars from picture books
Stars from hell itself
And before you can shout out I’m a sheep
They are cut up and on some shelf

So many foreigners in europe now
And many want halal
So the export trade is growing
And I expect it shall
Continue and increase now
For the journey from the UK
Is shorter than from Bulgaria
And so it begins to pay

But improbity must be taken
And realised that we
Provide too many falsehoods
These shipments should not be
Its shameful its rascality
Its a shabby its a disgrace
And falls back on the hearts of man
Yes a proud human race

Lambs and sheep need better
Treatment along the line
Being treated terribly
Where the sun does shine
Throats slashed with blunt instruments
Torture through and through
Dismembered by non butchers
Its what some places do

Farmers here should think again
Maybe the price feels right
But sleeping on their pillows
Presumably at night
Cant they hear the screaming
Are they as daft as that
These are their precious charges
And this is where they are at

Murdered after being tortured
Swollen up with fear
Shouted at and crushed on ships
It is very clear
To anyone with eyes to see
And hearts that beat like mine
That live exports in this day and age
Are a bit like frankenstein

We have created a monster
The profits maybe high
But no where are their prophets
And the figures do not lie
Many are tossed overboard
Who were tortured and who died
Its a wicked nasty business
Witnessing their final ride

be banned

Vets are saying this a and a whole lot more
Are wanting this

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