Laying eggs

A realisation
Of nothingness
Nothing I have ever seen before
Something fictitious
And Unbegotten
The nuts and bolts
Beyond the law

A Conflicting discordant
Of plastic everywhere
Of metal cans
And kitchen pans
And so much true despair

Featureless monotonous
Second rate
And temporary
Bands and fillets
Hooks and eyes
Buttons straws
And pins and ties
And lolly sticks
Bottles and jars
Ends and beginnings
And plastic stars

And all of this and all,of that
Have reached the beach
Where I once sat
Herded shepherded
A gathering where
Jekyll and hYde
They didnt care
Shapeless amorphous
Lists of things
I just wish that I had wings

Its like a time lapse
All around
In total horror
I am drowned
A shakiness and debility
Since I left the azure sea
An old commode
A cruet set
A plastic toothbrush
A lot of debt

I try to dig
I need to lay
100 eggs myself
Eyes are watching a camera too
But I must decide what I must do

All this rubbish everywhere.
Its blinking hard
No one aware
Kinetic energy
A marathon
No Validation

Bump and shock
Ramrod rammer
We all flock
Broken combs
And plastic trash
Fall behind
And just feel rash

No where to lay
So what to do
To dig a hole
And just work through
Books and papers
And nails and screws
Coleslaw pots
Its all bad news

Nesting arresting
Testing i
Really just wish I could lay and die
Hell on earth
And more besides
A rolling surf
And insecticides

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