ICELAND its nationalistic objections to stop the whaling

Freedom of action
A maxim they say
For them its the way
Uncontrolled and uninfluenced
Unbowed they will pay

Whatever it costs
At the end of the day
To continue the fight
To take minke and fin
And humpback as their right
And ofcourse to win

They are commercial pirates
And angrily they
Snub any reason to stand in their way
They will not be browbeaten
And the tragedy here
Is the whales are the scapegoats
Hunted by fear

These beautiful mountains
That breathe the same air
That sing to the heavens
To prove they are there
These cetacean tourists
Who for reasons come
Closer to Iceland
And sadly some

Are slaughtered for coming
Considered to be
Icelands resource
That they get from the sea
These intelligent mammals
Wild as the day
Receive their reward
And with their lives they pay

Theres a parochialism
A one-sided mind
A discriminatory stance
As if they are blind
To a global significance
And enviroment laws
They are somewhat brainwashed
At winning old scores

And they will not listen
To what people say
Apparently they are whaling
For the tourists today
They eat the minke whales
These curious and inquisitive
Smaller whales they
Like to peep from the waves
So hunting does pay

They are easier targets
And explosive grenades
Do Kill them outright
Their music soon fades
Into a blood bath
Of carnage and woe
To be pulled on the ships
Which is where they go

The fin whale is huge
Up to seventy tons
Streamlined for speed
Can make rapid runs
It is the second largest
Whale in the sea
And is badly endangered
Though some they won’t agree

Their meat is not eaten
In Iceland today
It has to be frozen
And then shipped away
To Japan or To Norway
For thats where it goes
Though the cape of good hope
Which clearly does pose

A pointer commercially
For transport is high
And japan isnt eating whale much
Which is why
A lot of the fin stays now
In deep freeze
Adding to its cost
and theircwretched reprise

It was as before
Its not dollars so much
Its Bias and why
They seem so out of touch
Some used for dog food
And a beer thats no lie
These magnificent souls
Their great aria’s share
They are murdered and flensed
With the utmost despair

In a land of great beauty
Sunsets that take
Ones breath Away really the skies
Have a stake
In the heartwarming
Barn storming energy there
With expanses of snow capped green hills
And clean air

There is clearly short-sightedness
And delusion around
Whale watching’s growing
But in whale blood the drowned
Corpses come closer to whale watching boats
The ethic is warped
With gun-hoish notes

Misjudgement seems widespread
But a weirdness does abound
Tourists will watch whales
And eat them they have found
Their restaurants are open
With minke and they
Are selling a lot of whale meat
They say

But not to the locals
That market has died
For us animals rights
There is no place to hide
For the whale watching tourists
Who just want to try
And eat whale when they come
Helping more whales to die

The whalers take that stance
Believing that they
Are good for the tourist trade
Thats what they say
For me its hard to get my head around this
But the tourists are eating whales
And say they would miss

The experience really
If whaling should be
Stopped so they carry on
An excuse to be
Murdering whales
And hoping to start on the humpbacks
That play

Commonly around the fjords
And they might
Lobby their government
To get that right
The whaling millionaire
What he wants to do
Is follow his father
A great whaler too

As chairman of HB GRANDI
We hear
A very big exporter
And,that is clear
He believes his own lies
About whales eating stocks
And as he deals in fish
He feels the knocks
So killing more whales
There will be more stock
More fish and more money
But now comes the shock

It isnt the case
For nobody knows
What they eat when they eat
And so it does pose
A question but to carry on killing more whales
On the basis of raising his company sales
Is hogwash he knows it
But ofcourse carries on
With all the propaganda
Believing the con

Stubborn and angry
At animal rights
At nations who question
His motives his fights
Are with all and sundry
For they do believe
That they should hunt whales
For what it does achieve

The painting before us
long sloping hills
Of green natural order
In the foreground the spills
Of blood from the killings
The carnage we see
The seabirds all anxious
And drawn there to be

Carrion eaters
Bowels and sinew
On a slate coloured sea
Naturalness so in view
The whalers the workman
Apparently they
Believe in their nation
Of whalers today

There are no emotions
Its commercial and they
Get their wages its what lifes about
And each day
The whales come in and are prepared
To be sold
Packed into boxes
And sent to the cold

Rooms to the freezers
And there they will stay
Building costs and reducing the margins each day
But nobody cares
Its their right to be free
And make their decisions
And remain happy

Loftsson is clearly angry
And strained
A belligerant fellow
And surely he’s gained
Some notoriety from his whale stance
But he just doesnt care
And has no thought to dance

Japan’s up against it
Apparently they Don’t have the market
Growing each day
He uses the blubber to run his ships he
Thinks it is a biofuel
But it cant be

Its never sustainable
Its ethically poor
Though electrical storage
He has to ignore
But its raising the cost
And reducing the need
For with little margin
How can he succeed

He is a businessman
But when it comes
To margin and profits
He wont do his sums
He must keep killing the whales
Every day
Even at a loss
He will make it pay

The counts going on
As to whales in the sea
Apparently numbers have dropped
Reliable abundance estimates say
That figures have halved at the
end of the day

And its on these figures
That targets are made
Again that could stifle
His ongoing trade
They vary along coastlines
And still seem way down
And the red list of course
Is going to town

Iceland wont agree
That fin numbers are low
They want to kill more
Though the markets are slow
Unless they are hoping for China
To come
On stream with big orders
Who will throw them a crumb?

They are after respect
Though the world looks away
They are pariahs
And are having to pay
Their bills of lading
Declare whale as fish
But ports are now closing
On the misdeclared dish

Its a crisis of conscience
And clearly theres doubt
Business and trading
What its about
Is making a margin
And trading to be
Making a profit
It just cannot be

Ever sustainable
Making a loss
More and more opposition
But they dont give a toss
They believe they can carry on
Killing the whales
And not adding the extras
Creating lost trails

Clearly the government
Has gone too far
They are base hypocrites
Thats what they are
How can you trust people
Who lie
And sell at a loss
And try to justify

These hunters are wizened
Cancerous souls
Killing the golden goose
Exerting controls
Letting humanity down with a jolt
And killing more whales
Yes thats the result

And if humpbacks are next
What are we to do
If we just become tourists
Like cetaceans do
We will be harpooned
And lied to and we
will see less and less great whales
In the salt sea

Instead of their life force
Their sweet energy
They will all be chopped up
In the freezer and we
Can wait for the japanese
To come and buy
Their frozen body parts
Based on a lie

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