Emanuel Exports licence cancelled

The aura around them
of violence and pain
Live exports in those ships
Never again
So many innocents died or were maimed
With no duty of care
Ofcourse they were blamed

Lots of excuses
But what we could see
Was horror each shipment
It just couldnt be
Allowed in this day and age
Not any more
Such degeneracy
It broke every law

Of decency actually
Sheep cooked alive
A baseness so vile
Most didnt survive
So many shortcomings
So many flaws
Each shipment an outrage
And all knew the cause

It had to be shut down
It was obscene
The heat of the summer
An outrageous scene
Representing itself
At the end of the day
With newborns just tossed over board
Come what may

Live exports are infamous
And they offend
Its indefensible
The message they send
Those innocent animals
Shipped to their deaths
All denied due care
Food water and breaths

Their licence cancelled
That was the end
Guilty as charged
The message they send
Was grave and unworthy
Culpable they
at the end of the day

Others may no doubt
Step up to the plate
And say they can do it
Then we must wait
Be tough about it
Shut it all down
Give up the ghost
Just go to town

For the sake of the vanquished
All those who have died
All those who were maimed
Who went to the other side
Locked in pure torture
Bloodied and lost
An undesirable factor
Whatever it cost.

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  1. Cienwen Hickey on said:

    Greetings Rex , Perfect, just perfect.

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