Babs behan

Realness a breathing
A Vital desire
A fortuitous happening
A natural fire
Of energy coming
sources she
A botanical artist
And sustainably

Works at her craft
With a sensitive air
With the deepest respect
Which ofcourse she does share
Feel her creativeness
It just bursts through
With a freshness and newness
Of the morning dew

Real innovation
A primordial hand
Which explains her integrity
And understand
Her holism stands her in good sted
For she
Designs splendid textile
With such constancy

An order and harmony
In its proper place
An organic provenance
And purposeful grace
Foraging wild plants
She lives with her art
And all that she does
Really comes from her heart

Tie dying textiles
With subtle acclaim
Boundless perpetual
An infinite flame
The gifts of the seasons
The splice of the green
The artistic fervour
Of where she has been

A revival of art forms
And ecology
A feminine footprint
She gleefully
Shares in the moment
The enduring glare
Her life through her art
And just being aware

The leaves and the barks
And the flowers
Secrets flow
The zest and the spirit
And that transformed glow
That is all pervading
The essence that be
A ubiquitous gift
Godforsaken and free

She has travelled widely
To villages far
Worked with artisans
Followed her star
And now from her studio
Generates soul
With the purest light
That she can control

Sacred tree medicine
Yoga and all
Organic food
just a chat will enthral
The colour of nature
The pigments the dyes
The unfaded brilliance
Of the woods and the skies

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