Abusing kangaroo’s out of total ignorance

A boxing ring
A kangaroo
Expecting it to be
Part of some great fight night
A non-realization
Crass ignorance we see
An animal in bewilderment
And the artless infamy

Man unkind
And dumb
Really the new age philistines
Who havent got a crumb
Of intelligence or of
To take a wild soul and feel
That others would be entertained
Which in essence does reveal

More about them
Than the poor abused
Who is stuck there
Captured, there
He should be leaping through the bush
We all must be aware
Of these crooked erring
Implausible idiots
Who think
A kangaroo can be made to box
It takes me to the brink

Their meaningless their preposterous
Retarded and detached
Besotted with their arrogance
They really havent scratched
The surface of their knowledge
They are as ignorant as hell
And anyone who supports them
Need locking up as well

I feel for the poor Kangaroo
They are such alien souls
Thousands of years of experience
Each taking their said roles
And ending up in a hell hole
Of a place like we can see
However much it costs
They should realise and be
Fined the cost of sending
The kangaroo back to where
It came from
It just screams out
From my gristle its despair

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