A voice from the animals

Niall Blair what a hypocrite
Arrogance too
Permeates the grey matter
Like it shouldnt do
Not a lot of rain
A big drought around
And frackings still is going on
cracking the ground

Vast quantities wasted and polluted like
All those fracking chemicals
Such a bad smell
Yet they can print money
Disturbing us all
Whilst the wild kangaroo
Gets their permanent call

The real chosen people
AUstralians who
Do it with cattle and sheep
What they do
Is alienate the wild kangaroo
And will kill then kill their livestock
We all know thats true

But meanwhile the Kanga’s are blamed
All the time
And farmers can shoot them
There is really no rhyme
or reason
To do this and un tagged too
they will be murdered for nothing
Thats what farmers do

Any excuse to shoot the wild souls
And Ray Borda’s upset because his shooters
They get the money for shooting at night
And so wholesale killing
Is not seen as right

They will be out shooting
the females for sure
A lot of sweet joeys
its just like a war
Farmers take it out on
wild kanga’s they do
Who Are best for the land
and the environment too

They were designed to be here
and so they
Recycle the methane
and really to pay
For a drought
not of their making
When the frackers just waste
Leaves me in anger
With so much distaste

These daft politicians panic
They fear
If they upset voters
A pig of an ear
Whereas kangaroo’s are great
Sport we hear
And a bit of night shooting
Is honestly clear

So because of the drought
No more tags need to be
Used wholesale murder
Thats what we will see
And Blair lets it happen
Gives them free reign
Honestly really
They all are insane.

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