Wild animal poaching

The dishonesty is out there
At high level
Unconscientiousnesss rampant
As we know
Its about the opportunism
And the shabby venality
The aiding and abetting
That does grow

Everybodys at it
When there money to be had
All sorts of coutries
Turning their blind eyes
It really is obnoxious
And it is a big surprise
Take tigers for example
The TCM trade they
Have killed off the wild tigers
And Lions have had to pay

High level malverisation
In governments and beyond
Loads of broken promises
How do we respond
To the constant threats
Of evil
To the poaching everywhere
In the markets on the internet
They create so much despair

The wild tiger trade in china
Stopped in 2014
The gelatin called cao
Produced in Thailand its obscene
In Laos in Malaysia
Macao and Vietnam
Fingers in the pie
Are everywhere
And we now must ram

It home not just to animal rights
But goverments as well
Its not just Tigers and Rhino’s
It is wild animal Hell

there are heaps and heaps of contraband
From poachers everywhere
Getting into countries and out again
They share
Illgotten gains for certain
India and Nepal
Russia even and China
And Cambodia
They all

Have seen the Lion bone tragedy too
Swollen by the trade
Of canned hunting and trophies
And all of this has played
Nicely into the market place
And allowed the crooks to be
Conning the chinese TCM
With their improbity

There are not enough wild tigers
We have killed them off like mad
The south africans were clever
And really very bad
Extorting the high prices
For what is sub standard bones
A lion is not a tiger
And they are not wild
the groans

Hunters are being hoodwinked
The reason being they
Are not bloody hunters
Just the rich who want to play
At hunting they have money
And the safari mob are there
Selling them a package
And nobody does care

About the true existence
Of wild animals abroad
Its all about big money
And what they can afford
Farming Lions for profit
Petting cubs where they
Dont have mothers
Sisters brothers
Just human being they
are in it for whatever
They can get and they are away

its such a sinful programme
Earning at every stage
Taking advantage of animals
Really its off the page
Ripping off the tourists
They are not hunters afterall
Many of them couldnt bag a lion
It does appal

Often its the safari hunter
That shoots the poor old Lion
That lived in some old rusty cage
They havent got the spine
To truly track the wild king
Its a con from start to when
They find and shoot the animal
They are really shameless men

Onto taxidermy trophies
And we see
All the documentation
The shipping air and sea
Its like a package holiday
The victims are the souls
The farmed lions and the others
Born to fill these roles

Loads of full lion skeletons
Are being shipped we see
All exported to Asia
Most illegally
Poached or canned or trophies
a dark trade and we see
MONG LA in Northern burma
A centre where its free
Leopard skins some 50,000
Or so every year
Tiger meat and tiger penis
From Vietnam I hear
Being sold in Beijing eating houses
For three grand
Every dish cost this I hear
Who dares understand

The trade in smuggled parts
Is really massive
Villainy and betrayal
Takes the can
With people in high places
Getting richer by the day
And everybody at it
Whatever people say

Seizures there are quite a lot
Ivory and more
Live big cats and pangolins
And wild birds
We ignore
the pet trade on the internet
Reptiles and much more
It really really really is
The most obnoxious war

Countries taking tiger bone wine
Belgium is number one
No 2 is canada
NO 3 Japan
The US they are guilty too
Its everywhere you go
So many evil people
Possibly some you even know


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