Shapelines in proportion
Of the most noble descent
An unbroken line and lineage
That must be heaven sent
Spell binding is their magick
Watched where ere they go
Breathtaking and impressive
And forever in the flow

Joyful and triumphant
With immense regard
Really gentle giants
Privileged and starred
In every ocean drama
Today the plastics war
Iceland Norway and Japan
Countries to abhor

Their energy is uppermost
They influence us all
Stimulate the phyto plankton
So carbon levels fall
They are graceful and respectful
Of the shallows and the deep
They stablise the food chain
And help us all to reap

They have enormous staying power
Their singlemindedness
Dogged and enduring
And who could want for less
Poetry in motion
An elegy of light
A troubadour that travels far
Making music through the night

Stately and unlaboured
Their fervour says it all
An utterance as magickal
Listen as they call
Operatic aria’s
Heard from miles away
Puccini would have flipped his lid
Hearing what they say

They liberate our minds eye
A tutelage of old
Assertive to the very end
Trenchant so I’m told
An amazing imagination
And creativity
But the plastic plot the are losing
And dying painfully

The forewarning of research ships
Japan’s ships of dread
Despite the worlds cessation
Of whales so many dead
Whales clog up the freezer space
In godowns near and far
As fewer people choose to eat
Apparently under par

The lunacy of hunting
A cretinism state
We are packed with mercury
Its a pretty nasty trait
Leading to dementia
And an unsound mind.
The Japanese pay dearly
For their arrogance I find

ICeland is clearlyr at it
Its ships go boldly on
Hunting for us minke whales
And blues out there upon
The oceans to sell to Japan
And when we all are gone

Its too late to cry
Its too late to sigh
The height of absurdity
The antics of the numskull
That is who they be
Risking the tourist industry
The whale watching brigade
Just to kiss the japanese aree
Their shallowness is displayed.

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