Tyrannical egg snatchers
Audacious fulmar netters
Aggressive Pilot whalers
This is what you are
Murderers of wild life
Farmed salmon although plentiful
Starving dont tell porkies
You are no ones star

You are loaded full of mercury
And flame retardents too
PCB’s a plenty
And all of this is true

THe Faroes are the unfaroes
Nothing fair at all
The great pods slewn beside their gods
As each once of them fall
Victim to a butcher
One after another we die
Sliced up in the blood bath
mothers asking why

Their calves are so included
And pregnant females too
The fetus torn out by your savage cretinous
Darkly crew
And thrown into the waste bins
As grandparents exclaim
The family tree annhilated
In your grind that game
You play out in the ocean
Drive us one by one
THreaten us
Our loyalty is tested in the sun

Our blood leaks every which way
A homeopathic trail
Of sinew and of loving
Thats all beyond the pale
What you do in the faroes
Is imagine you have the right
To steal from the wild community
And give the world a fright

The viper or the cobra
Is not a tad of you
They never act aggressively
They hide this factor true
But you lot you come looking
And your shocking tempers grow
Surely your spleen is loaded with
The toxins in the flow
Your engorgement of our blubber
Replete in every way
To us a surfeit of ill doing
A glut one has to say

We see you in the water
Your hideousity
Your gracelessness
Your inelegance
You deface us rapidly
Frightful you are shocking
Clumsy awkward shits
Thrashing with your bloody knives
And tearing us to bits

This is a message from some of the pilot whales

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