The life and death of a captive elephant

Poached as a baby
A lost soul
No childhood none at all
Her spiritual foundation
Immediately did stall
Trafficked into evil
Vile captivity
Called “Laxmi”
Hindu goddess of wealth
and of prosperity

False reasoning feels obvious
Untenable and unsound
To call her by such an honoured name
And then to see her bound
For a prison cell
To be tortured to be starved
And neglected so
How unbending and dogmatic
To guarantee such woe

A life time of concealment
Just hidden away
Behind closed doors
Rejected so to say
Afflicted by such misery
Such hurtfulness and pain
Maltreatment -
and oppression
By the clearly insane

Not an ounce of feeling
Maligned in every way
Luckless hapless stricken
She was just made to pay
Lying in pools of urine
Imagine that and see
Lying in clumps of dung as well
Such adversity

Such lackness and such slackness
They surrender their control
Keep a poor old lady chained
It really does appal
Such Draconian laws of badness
And bludgeoning her too
She never knew what freedom was
They were rotten through and through

Human beings keepers
Of animals who dare
To coerce and constrain
A goddess
She being so aware
So loving and so caring
And condemned by them to be
In chains and in shackles
For an eternity

Abandoned really in this life
Resigned to cruelty
They did infact destroy her
With their wicked spivvery
Fed her badly kept her dirty
Beat her every day
Niggardly and penny pinching
She Never knew what play
Was what fresh green shoots were
Or the sunshine on her back
She never really saw the light
She was always on their rack

Getting beaten daily
Till her bones bent with the strain
Lacking in nutrition
Suffering in vain
No one around to help her
Just those who never cared
Who kept her dumb and docile
Who really never shared

A smile a pat or thoughtfulness
All she ever knew
Was anger pique and sadness
Thats was all life through
Her tearfulness was obvious
To anyone who saw
A face stained sadly everyday
Filled witH blood and gore

And when she died she just feel down
Chained up shackled tight
Her skin was sagging legs turned inwards
Our eyes witnessed her plight
As to the human owners
They had scarpered Tragically
The police should go and find them
And ensure that they never be

Able to keep animals
Someone must know who they
Are they must be found and soon
there must not be a stay
Hang the buggers by their necks
Lets watch them dance a jig
They are a blemish on this earth
And its right that we should dig

A shallow grave out in the forest
Where vultures can enjoy
Their vile embittered bodies
Let their beaks employ
Great wounds strips of darkness
Let them never be
Party to another life
Of animal cruelty.

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