South Africa adversity Around every corner

Living on a knife edge
Weary as to how
History has potentised
And appeared to disallow
White South Africans a place
Beyond the cut and thrust
Beyond the racial murders
And utter disgust

The brutality and murder
It now is everywhere
Terrifying happenings
That all of them now share
Repulsiveness and ugliness
An exodus of care
The floodgates clearly open
And not a bloody prayer

Is heard now in the countryside
White farmers on their own
Waiting for the endgame
For the dark seeds are sown
A history of banishment
And deprivation too
With little understanding
Of the truly bubbling brew

The billious and nausea
Extended near and far
The restlessness and palpitation
Of being where you are
Fear the all important function
Convulsing through ones veins
Whats tangible whats palapable
What has been seen as gains

The callosity and grittiness
And survivability
Everyday is questioned
There is no fluidity
The land it occupies their soul
Their breath the dust of old
Wrung out hung out
Scorched and baked
Where ones vitality is rolled

White Babies cut to pieces
Hands chopped off at will
Drowned in boiling water
Terrible ways to kill
Racial discrimination
Where restraint was clearly gone
And little or no help from the police
And it goes on and on

Collateral damage everywhere
Blood-shedding and bloodLetting
Wicked thuggery
Massacres apparent
The butchers came and went
Strangled eyes dug out with forks
And every killing meant

The mother of all prejudice
Clearly aimed at whites
A furnace of activity
Well within their sights
Every hour of every day
Every sound they hear
The smell of blood is pungent
In all that they hold dear

The odour of resentment
Historically intact
They lie in ambush everywhere
And thats a bitter fact
Whether its rape or murder
Its meaningful to say
Whatever thoughts one has on this
They never go Way

Protection has been disbanded
The police dont really care
The government are out for blood
And the whites are now aware
Most do not have the money
To ever get away
And so they make the best
Of what they have
Now everyday

Farms are dilapidated
Run down crumbling fast
Piles of bones where animals
Clearly couldnt last
No water and no food
They were forced to die
Its unthinkable and unimaginable
That no one dare rely

On any worthwile future
They live from day to day
Waiting for the endgame
And it seems there is no way
Total ambiguity
Its precarious alas
With unemployment massive
So many now enmasse

And many more on social grants
Protests will provoke
Potentially a civil war
And clearly theres no smoke
Without the fire of evil
Of the great devide thats there
White squatter camps
Are struggling
To try to stay aware

But listening to the people
At their wits end for sure
Its treacherous and changeable
And suspicions cloud the air
They are now at rock bottom
Obscurity appears
An unbelievable dilemma
And all close to tears

No hospital no schools for whites
Spit at on the street
Black first land first
The new regime
The threats are now complete
Many flaws in many arguments
Along the way
But contrary to reason
No one can save the day

Without a leg to stand on
Such a jaundiced eye
Onesidedness is rampant
Closed minds now do try
And whip up more intolerance
All bigoted for sure
The whites are clearly waiting
To be victims of the war

Orania in the Northern Cape
Is a weird and curious place
An enclave for whites
With wondrous sights
Where 5000 people face
A future in a folly possibly
In a kind of harebrained vista
Where they temporarily embrace

Freedom from the squalor
From the base insanity
The prediction is of genocide
The darkest prophecy
Imaginable we have to say
An apocalpse appears
Likely on the horizon now
And great reservoirs of tears

Are ready hydroponics
The coming anarchy
Behold the bubbling cauldron
Where everyone will be
Murdered thats apparently the plan
Which is coming fast
As their will and their volition
Is really fading fast

Lauren Southern’s video
Was embittered and was bleak
The courage she showed making it
Trying so to seek
Some way of overhauling
An undertaking where
The hawkishness and prejudice
Might not end up there

To be in that position
Brought down to ones knees
With black clouds really everywhere
Really detainees
Waiting for the end game
Now with no where to go
Hoping for compassion
From those instigating woe

Its hard not to see each of their faces
In ones mind from now on in

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