Processsing of Kangaroo

We come back once again
To how we process
Wild kangaroos the purpose
Was so we
Can incorporate the kanga’s
Into the pet food trade
To extend the shelf life
And profitability

This is done with adding
Sulphur dioxide
Masking putrification
At a sweep
Double the So2 we would use for humans
Poor regulation
A familiar leap

Into the darkness really
Which has happened
B1 thiamine loss
Sadly is seen
And neurological problems
Then are possible
When a lack of regulation
there has been

Cats and dogs have suffered
From this process
Some have died
Again its profit based
Zoonotic pathogens
another problem
Marketing kangaroo
They must be faced

There have been widespread
Death to groups of kangaroos
But no real studies done
To discover why
Its hit and miss
And subject to some real concern
As why do many animals
Just die
Zoonotic pathogens
Or was it poisons
Nobody apparently is sure
Using the wild kangaroo
As feedstock
For me its something
No one should ignore

The EU imports Kangaroo
A plenty
But does not check
For pathogens at all
It leaves it to the Meat Trade
In Australia
Not puposeful in my eyes
And their call

The Russians and the japanese
Were clearly
Far more sensible
For obviously they have found
e coli and we know too salmonella
And The Us too Where it was also bound
Pathogens of one sort or another
Its hit and miss
And frankly Kangaroo
Being wild and processed
In the bush at night
Is susceptible to problems
Through and through

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