save our KANGAROOS

Kangaroo is apparently on the table
Or should I say
its also on the floor
In bowls
And pouches they
Play about with
Treats and bones
And more
And really what its all about
Is what some now ignore

Its just about turnover
Its profit all the way
And how to increase the margins
And get people to pay
All sorts of weird labelling
And what can be untrue
Animals are getting fed
But with what and really do

They care about the victims
Butchered in the field
Coverered in flies and dust and dirt
And spillage as they weild
Their knives no supervision
There is no oversight
Gutting where there are no
Certified butchers can’t be right

A six hour on line course
Thats all thats needed
E coli salmonella and be sure
Toxoplasma gondii which affects
The human animal
Its not just pets
Its, where less is more

Wild kangaroos have parasites
And diseases
some I hear spray acetic acid
Apparently are in the minority
in some of those bush chillers
Where corpses can be stored
Old blood and dirty walls and floors
All of thats Ignored

Lack of washing facilities
Rusty hooks at play
Murdering these macropods
Like this is not a way
It lacks respect and honour
Its money in the bank
Its harmful its injurious
And altogether rank

Its unhealthy and revolting
What about Intestine spill
Done in rural areas
For me that is no thrill
The government must step up here
And get this practice banned
Its playing with fire
And could be dire
And I just can’t understand

Really how unhygenic
Such Butchering can be
its like a field dressing
It smacks of villainy
Its shameful and its scandalous
And nauseous as well
It disrespects a living soul
And creates A potential hell

No wonder shipments have been banned
In Russia and Japan
In America as well I hear
Ofcourse where fires Are fanned
Wild Kangaroo’s should not be shot
And Sold off in this way
As Healthier than other meats
Its outrageous that today

Despite the rules for butchery
Unsupervised and untrained
Shooters become butchers
Without oversight and have gained
Nothing from this negligence
From this inhumanity
From the lack of respect of creation
On our coat of arms they be

Murdered in cold blood by
The inexperienced who
Are in it for the money
They can make
Thats why they do
Go out at night with their four by fours
Killing our macropods
Butchering them Out in the bush
In full view of their gods

Respect all wild iconic souls
On quantas wings they be
The Roo’s stand for Australia
Back through our history
They are wild and wondrous creatures
And should not be shot at night
Their babies decapitated
And that be seen as right

Its wrong and its immoral
Its iniquitous and unfair
Discriminatory and favouring
A trade and the unaware
Seem prejudiced and biased
Turning a blind eye
To what becomes objectionable
And a great big lie.

Save the macropods

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