Laying traps for badgers

An ancestral home
Where wonderment
And countryside expertise
Generates a home of homes
Where brocks can carefully ease
Their bodies
Through dug tunnels
In sandy soil or clay
On slopes or hillsides
Close to woodland
To find some peace and quiet
All day

Laying traps for any reason
Is contemptuous and wrong
In the countryside where wildness
And survival does belong
Where respect is keenly followed
Its saddening to see
Hunt masters laying traps
Where badger families be

Unworthiness of being
and a lack of understanding
Is insulting actually
Countrymen should have scruples
Countryman should care
Countenance the wild beasts
That actually do share

Not take on an artfulness
And spivvery of old
With a dose of double dealing
And betrayal that is rolled
Up in pure chicanery
For want of a better word
The treachery of creating fear
For clearly that occurred

Offering wild souls peanuts
Returning hopefully
Possibly an ego trip
So saddening to me
The sanctity of wildness
In peril thanks to you
A man who screams integrity
When iniquity is true

A hunter of the innocent
Those of the crimson brush
Immaculate and undefiled
Impeccably a rush
Of fear is generated
As the hounds begin to run
As the hunter pipes his clarion
At his sinning in the sun

Transgressing from legality
Into the realms of sin
Shamefaced masked up bounders
Whose case is wearing thin
No better than the quislings
Felons actually
Who all pretend they are men of class
With their dark morality

The badger thankfully got away
Karma on his side
Faultless in so many ways
The hunt master denied

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