Intolerable torture

Its intolerable behaviour
SPAIN has the right name
Pain and suffering causing
And everyones to blame
Harshness bleakness roughness
On an animal bold and brave
Up against a cuadrilla
And the matador, the knave

Dressed in silks a flutter
A pansy of a man
Who struts about with arrogance
Whose about to work his plan
To murder this sweet BULL before him
Tortured and in great pain
Who for two days has been softened up
All this is now the bane

Wet newspapers stuffed in his ears
Vick vapour in his eyes
Cotton up his nostrils
Is that a surprise
A needle in his genitals
And caustic on his flanks
Fed with a strong laxative
This torture really ranks

High up in persuasion
In the agony one feels
The pickadors and the others
Their cowardice soon reveals
They poke him into anger
They slash him and they cause
Injury after injury
And all done without a pause

The music loudly playing
The drama loud and clear
Disturbed and agitated
Bubbling with fear
SPAIN are all degenerates
With little else to do
Than torture and murder
These beautiful bulls
Who lament in front of you

Tails cut off
The ears cut off
And dragged behind the mules
Around the ring of exasperation
Ofcourse there are no rules
The bulls are then skinned
Alive many of them still feel
The razor as their skinned alive
For their leather does appeal

And this they all call culture
Tradition strike me fast
I watch these bulls I feel their pain
I know their die is cast
The strutting cutting matadors
I beg they feel the thrust
A horn right through their intestines
I want them just to bust

Every bloody organ these torturers
They are evil blighted demons
And should now feel the stress
Look into the bulls eyes
Blubbering away
Whimpering and begging
They are left alone to lay

Quietly but to no avail
They elegize and bemoan
Not a fitting end for one
As brave as they have grown
A requiem of tedium
A dirge of ugliness
The haggardness of horror
A shapeless formless mess

Is every BULL a loser
And every Matador
A winner and the audience
Who love to see the gore
The blood the snot the carnage
With their children at their side
Gobbling down their chocolate ice
Nobody’s denied

Their lovelessness their indifference
Their SPANISH apathy
Hardly human individuals
Who drink copiously
Sangria and cava a carve up so to say
Disrespecting animals
Who they treat with such dismay

sPain their agony is obvious

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