Human intervention

Wilderness in oceans
Are fast becoming rare
Human intervention
Ofcourse is everywhere
There really isnt anything thats
Measured Sadly we
Over fish over pollute
Humans apparently

Are any thing but innocuous
They show little restraint
Everything is to excess
Everywhere we taints
Our existing environments
Its destruction all the way
Unless we decimate and massacre
Seemingly we say

We over fish over pollute
Run offs everywhere
Farming fertilisers
And chemicals in the air
Radiation the oceans are heating
Up and we
See wilderness destroyed
We create adversity

Researchers in Australia
Have mapped out places where
Wilderness is apparent
Some 13 per cent we share
Plastic single use
Petroleum based its really bad
Its In all the oceans of the world
Which is extremely sad

Creating many dead zones
Where life is just no more
The miracles of natures
Life force in the raw
Sterility and barreness
So little harmony
We sabotage the planet
Interfering tragically

Its conquest and its bondage
And its about captivity
Farming snd aquaria
We duplicate we see
We overwhelm the oceans
With our shipping and our force
Arrogance and ignorance
Our science so off course

Our wastefulness
Our squandering
The corporatocracy
Consumerism in overdrive
Such insensibility
Unconcern and lack of care
Apathetic in our way
Insensate and unimaginative
And the world at large does pay

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