Hopes and dreams and genocide

Below the lowest of poverty lines
And families all destroyed by war
The monetary system dismantled
A country that lost all its law
Genocide ravaged the whole population
At least twenty five per cent killed
Pol Pot saw to complete ethnic cleansing
With the innocent blood that he spilled

Hopelessness social exclusion
Penniless now everywhere
Church mice seen as rich
In this hell of a place
Insufficiency and total despair
A Corruption infected society
People existing thats all
Total destruction of the family unit
And no one to help when they call

No welfare to speak of
No social services
Lost souls and very few schools
A fifth are illiterate
And there is no work
And the future ahead just appals

Cambodia is on the breadline
Its meagreness lost in a world
Of displacement and a complete loss of consciousness
Forty million people are hurled
In this maelstrom of wavering loyalty
Of corruption and venality
Abjectness and villianous spivvery
Nobody really is free

Everyone there is a victim
And the children ofcourse tend to be
Chattels now up for the selling
To help make ends meet tragically
Children for sale
In the clubs in the bars
Villages now everywhere
They are pimping their children
For those vital funds
To lift themselves out of despair

The unspotted unblemished children
Are stolen as slaves and are sold
The iniquitous pimping aggressively so
And children now not very old
Are expected to work at pleasuring men
Whose profilgacy is so low
Whose degeneracy and whose improbity
Is open and always on show

There are now so few of the innocent
For virgins are sold off and they
Are consigned to short lives
In the hell holes of vipers
Who flagrantly earn every day
Mothers who relent to the pressure
Whose need is the price that is paid
Cannot forgive themselves for what they did
In the streets too where many have strayed

Hopes and dreams are the meaningful marrow
Starvation is rife everywhere
The child seems a way out of darkness
To look and to then be aware
Of the vastness of what is dishonour
Of the scornful and unflattering way
That children are expected to give of themselves
In what Is the most terrible way

Its a mercilessness that surrounds us
And relentless remorseless ordeal
No where compassion can get a foot hold
Nobody allowed to feel
The blackguards and rogues are now everywhere
With few angel spirits around
Everyones at it the police and officials
In sex and disease they are drowned

Look into the eyes of the children
Beautiful skin big round eyes
They rummage on soil heaps
For what they can find
And sell but it is no surprise
Nobody really has money
Its constantly chasing ones tail
They have the desire to be earning
But inevitably they do all fail

Child sex and then onto brothels
Sold over the border some are
To thailand to vietnam and China
Where self hate and suicide star
In the greatest number of jane does
That end up as murders perhaps
This isnt life this terrible hell
Yet its all really kept underwraps

Debauched and corrupted for a pittance
Obscenities rule everywhere
The children grow up very fast in this place
Their defilement they all seem to share
Whorehouses shacks by the roadside
Bestial and so depraved
Gang rapes and so much impurity here
And nobody now can be saved

Everyone has been abandoned
Left to just wallow in sin
Ganja scag black tar and candy
Really the kids cannot win
They will die before thirty most of them
It is very much hell on this earth
Total degeneracy on such a scale
That one wonders why they still give birth.

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  1. Csthie Shoffner on said:

    Awesomely wonderful for you to get this out so in need for all ..needs to be totally shut down

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