CO2 and Pigs

How can you sleep in your bed
MR Gove?
With Defra still dragging its feet
Co2 slaughter I mean every snorter
Suffers the hell NO nothing is sweet
About being lowered down into a chamber
Panic sets in they are fighting for breath
They are like three year old children
Imagine that feeling
And it takes sixty seconds
of that until death

Little or no chance their perilous journey
To pig heaven care of the MEAT TRADE today
And now with the heatwave there is a shortage
Of CO2 or thats what they say
Its all sloppy thinking
Groundless and unsound
10 million pigs in the UK will die
In what is such mayhem and agonised evil
And they are intelligent
Which is no lie

DEFRA Has said by the year 2020
This form of slaughter will be at an end
GOVE Ought to think about what is insanity
The untruths they tell and the message they send
Concocting their stories to increase the profit
And turn their blind eyes to the suffering here
It leaves me uneasy for what is iniquitous
Shameful and distressing, now that is clear

With balance sheet budgets and targets a plenty
Sales figures these are live and feeling souls
Suffering terribly in darkly abattoirs
At the hands of the operatives whose wretched roles
Malign them its nauseous revolting and cursed
Each noble hog a miracle beast
Eternal damnation thats their salvation
Thrown on your barbie completing your feast

Such sorrow such sadness and utter madness
Hyperventilation yes moments before
The CO2 gets them tormented and anguished
Fighting snd biting in their very own war
And DEFRA and Gove they take home their bacon
They scoff their spareribs and they think nothing more
Pleasure and painfulness in equal numbers
And the MEAT TRADE all they want is just to kill more

15 million sheep
16 million Turkeys
975 million broiler chickens
40 million spent hens thats females so sick after laying thousands of eggs
2.6 million cattle
4.5 billion fish
2.6 billion shellfish

8 BILLION slaughters a year
Just for the UK population


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