BearCub training in JIN YINPING CHINA

Circus is a wicked entertainment spectacle
In Jin yi ping in China
To make them stand
On their hind legs
They chain them to the wall
Forced their back legs upright
And by walking tall

Its alien behaviour
And their joints cant take the strain
This torture risks them
Choking and hanging on the chain
Its really very wicked
For these young bears are frail
Its brutal and its sinister
And it is beyond the pale

Circus is dishonesty
It makes out that bears are
Comfortable walking on their hind legs
But few can walk far
Its aiding and abetting the evil cruelty
And these bears suffer badly
And cry out painfully

Kept in barren cages
And they will bite their bars
Rings are threaded through their noses
And that really scars
The inside of their nostrils
Its uncomfortable and sore
The circus is an evil place
That none should now ignore

Baby bears treated so unkindly
Purely to entertain the ignorant

2 comments on “BearCub training in JIN YINPING CHINA

  1. Dale Lutes on said:

    Circus needs to be abolished. Certainly humans can think of other forms of entertainment not based on cruelty

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