A warning that needs to be heeded

Communities do not matter
Caveats overturned
The conscience of the people
They can just be burned
Some see just how ill-omened
These pipe lines are and they
Fight to protect the environment
All along the way

Arrogance and ignorance
Are diseases of today
The corporatocracy suffers
The communities though pay
Our air our water courses
The environment ofcourse
The way of life for future generations
And the source

Of all things, that are natural
Taken for granted yes
But without the true essentials
We all are in a mess
Energy transfer partners
Exploit their power and they
Are into building pipelines
That lead onto dismay

And so the Bayou Bridge Pipeline
And Lousiana’s spread
The Atchafalya basin
So they push ahead
162 miles and its now underway
At the southern end of the
DAkota access pipeline
And today

Despite a judge remarking
They failed to consider that
Communities would suffer
They refused to smell that rat
They carry on regardless
Its about the Bakken Crude
From North Dakota to
ST James Parish
That is all thats viewed

And onto the gulf terminals
Its profit for the few
The big boys they make ots of noise
As for the rest of you
You can whistle all you like
As the ancient trees come down
The Cypress and the Tupelo
And the wild birds then leave town

The many violations
Millions of gallons will be
Lost like the Rover pipeline
Where industrial waste we see
Drilling fluids and sediment
Hell on earth today
Affecting the local comunities
And ofcourse they have to pay

Spoil banks bloody everywhere
Blocking the water flow
Ruining the swamps
Killing the crawfish as we know
Stagnant hypoxic water
The corporates dont care
As long as they build their pipeline
They actually arn’t aware

Earth Justice ofcourse is on their case
But justice is seldom earned
They are exploiting everything
Everyone is spurned
Their misuseage and mishandling
It all goes by the board
Remember DAPL and the indigenous
And Their just reward

Beaten back and shot at
The police on the corporates side
Communities do not matter
They should run and hide
If they get polluted
Thats too bad they should be
Ready to forgo their air and water
And do that Routinely

Feel the negative entity
Embrace it and be sure
As long as the fat cats make it through
Most outside the law
Pipe down shut your traps up
Lets us do our thing
That is where we are at folks
It has that familiar ring

We have to remain lifeless
Indifferent to their scheme
Torpid and unconscious
Let them have their dream
Groggy and sound asleep
Let them all run roughshod
And treat us all like sheep

And wakeup when its too late
When the air is filled with dirt
When the water is all ruined
When most have lost their shirt
Fighting negative equity
And insurance claims so high
When community is dying
And all this on a lie

Cancers not just clusters
Nosebleeds everyday
Watching your children cough up blood
Watching communities pay
A cost so high for the pipelines
The vomiting snakes that curl
Through what was once heaven
Now hell where just torrents whirl

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