A perfect LION

The enactment the execution
A solution maybe so
A transaction a redaction
Was it a way to go
Africa a lion sleeps
Content possibly so
Fulfilment was the goal today
To undertake and grow

He pulls his trigger three times
Each time a thrilling end
He feels a certain blessedness
Which seemingly does send
The King of Beasts to a heaven
To its finality
The longest spell of sleep
One ever has apparently

A hunter and a companion
Stalk their wily foe
Exhausted the arena bare
A battlefield we know
Aroused by animation
And a nonchalalance to feel
And unconcern of suffering
And a callousness and zeal

The first shot just awakens
The ebulience of the bullet
That hit home painfully
The second shot that followed
The life clock broken by
The final confrontation
And the third shot
Saw him die

Each of us who witnessed this
This squandering of life
Conspicuous consumption
Relentlessly the strife
Inflames our wild emotions
Of the trigger hunting scum
The trophy hunting variant
Whose just thrown a tantrum

And its all about the photogragh
And That pat upon the back
He pulled it off
He shot a sleeping Lion
Who was off track
A madness in a firery eye
Before the great beast fell
Seething with an anger
As it rampaged into HELL

Hunter shoots a sleeping LION
And is proud to be able to lie
About his quarry.

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