Tinker lane

Tinker lane
The big green gates
Badboy lock on’s
It creates
From the start
From the heart

Fracking is a worthless
Energy that isnt great
Unstable in a frenzied day
Volatile how it will pay

When the drill but hits the shale
All I want is it should fail
Trepidation tempers high
Methane reaching to the sky

What we have a blowing free
Lots of solidarity
The lethargy the obtuseness
The insouciance no one will bless
It is a challenge for us all
We really are up against the wall

One the corporatocracy
And simply folks like you and me
Ladies in their flock lock lie
Really reaching for the sky

Aggravation everywhere
Enforcers seemingly dont care
Compunction and ofcourse remorse
Sadder and wiser now at source

Lamentation it is there
It just seems so damned unfair
Yes we whimper deep inside
Exposed here with no where to hide.

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