Summer Solstice at Rollrights 2

A grey old day was had by all
Windy and rather cold
But despite that lots of people came
And joined our merry fold
A lot of nice new faces
And a number of the clan
Formed a perfect circle
And our ritual began

Holding hands closing our eyes
We all drifted away
Getting in touch with the energies
That were obvious Sunday
Our Arch Druid called for peace
And the quarters were beautifully read
The oak king and the holly king did battle
Clearly shed
A lot of force and mayhem
Their supporters cheering on
Til the oak king was defeated
And there he lay upon

The holly king to reign supreme
His magnificence all shared
He really was amazing
We all could see he cared
The poor old oak king
Beaten but a maiden danced
And he
Was carried by 4 strong armed men
To wander aimlessly

The food was blessed
And handed around
Sharing the honey mead
Some gorgeous sun dried apricots
So our old bard could succeed
In reciting his long poem
As everyone took note
Then ofcourse the speaking stick
Which always rocks his boat

And despite the windy weather
Everyone who came
Entertained us with their prowess
And our hearts aflame
Heard a charming story
From Adam what a man
It was a faery story
And We all became a fan

A lady played the accordion
A lovely gentle air
It made me wish to do a jig
But ofcourse the people there
Could see that was nigh impossible
Other poems too
Were recited they were joyful
They were honest they were true

Finishing with the ho ho ho
Combining our energies
Three cheers to the sun god
Which we all felt, it did please
For we got a glimpse of sunlight
And left to make our way
Joyful for the coming solstice
Sometime on Thursday

It was really very peaceful
With lots of new friends who
Joined us it was refreshing
To do what we all do
To get out in the rollright air
no wifi to surround
To actually share some alignment
Feet firmly on the ground.

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  1. Damon Lockyer on said:

    brilliant, love it,

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