“A radical moment” a song of our times

When not to eat animals
is seen as too radical
That just proves one thing
We must have arrived
Where the tallest of steeple
And the hymns of the people
Researching their diets
See we have survived
On our tofu and seitan
On our tempeh and vegetables
Hot dogs and palm oil
We refused them point blank

Ashes to ashes
The earth is now reeling
The oceans are dying
Our water is rank
Those that had money
Its now all been stolen
No such thing as cash
Can be got, from the bank

2nd verse
They are fracking the fields
Getting yields
Its all gas fields
The pollution
A solution
To joyous refrain
The water is terrible
The air it is choking
The country has had it
So many insane

3rd Verse
5 g is here
And its all smart and smarter
Cancer is rife from the weaponised strife
They are cutting the trees down
Thats what they are doing
Rolling out smart meters
All over the town

4th verse
When not to eat animals
Is seen as radical
Thats when you realise
You are alright
The others are chomping on corpses
For tuppence
Wearing their fur coats
And all feeling shite

5th verse
Poor tommy robinson
he’s in the slammer
Thank god for paul weston
liberty GB
All those jihadi’s
allowed back in England
To rape yet more children
And set our souls free

6th verse
Are we united or
Are we a kingdom
Is britain great
With the genoese flag
The lords against brexit
All talking so much shit
Globally no go zones
Is that a blag

7th verse
Kangaroo mothers
Are shot in the headlights
Their joeys crushed underfoot
That is a fact
The meat trades live exports
Are cruel and degrading
In those fly ridden holds
Where so many are packed

8th verse
Geo engineering
The arrogant chem trails
Shit falling down on us
As if we were bugs
Glyphosate everywhere
Care of Monsatan
Somebody out there thinks
we are all mugs.

9th Verse

ANtartica’s melting
I wish it was Taiji
The Faroes still slaughter
The pilots they do
Vile trophy hunters
Are killing giraffes
Circus’sSEA World
And every zoo

10th Verse

Should be shut down
Stuck behind bars and concrete
ZImbabwe’s elephants
they ought to be
Left in the wilds
not sent off to China
And all temple elephants
Should remain free

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