Oil leak in Rotterdam

800 or so wild swans were
Stressed out on Saturday
A bulk tanker crashed into a jetty
And oil burst out they say
200 tons of fuel in fact
Spilled out what could they do
All these birds got coated smothered
Stressed out and its true

They are very sensitive beings
And what oil does alas
Is break through all their barriers
And all these birds enmasse
Suffer and considerably
This the MAASSLUIS oil spill
Despite the services helping
It is bound to kill
Many its concerning
Those that came to try
And rescue them to get them cleaned
The risks for them are high

They need liquids because ofcourse
Hyperthermia becomes
A problem and the stress it causes
The whole business numbs
Those wanting to help them
The environment suffers so
And how did the tanker hit the
Its something we need to know

Swans are wonderful creatures
Its so sad they suffer so
Man just has an ugly side
And apparently it does grow
“No injuries reported”
But what of the swans
Yes they
Are suffering like crazy
For them its a bad day

They are worried about the scaffolding
And the ships they need to clean
Living souls immersed in all of this
It is obscene
How they neglect the wild birds
Our wild life tragically
Lets hope those cleaning the poor swans
Can save them Rapidly.

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  1. Trudie on said:

    Thank you so much!

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