A ship in a bottle
Unearthed on the sand
Jettisoned years before
Lets understand

The ways of the wind
Of the tides
Of the moon
The Ocean resplendent
And once so in tune

Momentous energies
Cleansing us all
That mirror the skies
With an undying call

Out to all creatures
Co-existing today
To be more aware
Of the need now to pay

Respects and attention
For tragically they are
Suffering terribly
Now near and far

A sparseness of character
A meagreness for
The abundance created
And there to explore

A void and a vacancy
And emptiness where
Once there was substance
Palpable and rare

Arteries fed into hearts
And all found
But now only filth
And plastic abound

Acidic particles
Darkly despair
The children are crying
There is blood everywhere

Oceans are dustbins
Sadly where death
Destruction devoid
Only dastardly breath

Unbalanced unballasted
Unwieldy unjust
Deficient overloaded
It so does disgust

The gods and the goddesses
How unfaithful we were
How we let chaos reign
And death to occur

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