Mythago Morris

Fantasy tradition
Just listen and you will hear
The tales of myth and magick
As the dancing folk appear
Clad there in black tatters
Old England border style
Purveyors of great stories
Just you listen for a while

Narration all aglow
Word portraits ancient music
Anecdotal flow
Dancers clad in boots and
A hairy leg or two
Masked up hear those clapper sticks
From the minstrels good and true

The green man Herne the hunter
The kingsmen magicked away
Knuckerhole the dragon
Share his firery display
Story after story
A recital of the true
The energy prosaic
Each intimate revue

Folklore the antiquities
Black and white and more
Good humour and high spirits
Its what life’s living for
Good cheer and jocularity
An irrespressibly
To get up there and join them
Their conviviality

Singing dancing mirthful
Toe tapping all the way
They will warm your cockles
In An exulted display
Chortle cackle giggle
Gurgle chuckle hoot
Mettlesome and sprightly
An legendary to boot.

SUSSEX Finest by far

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