It stands there
In all its glory
Is that the word to use
7000 oil drums
Are there any clues
To why its there
Christo and Jean Claude
Those two apparently
Created this piece of art
For all of us to see

Plomped there in the Serpentine
Queen Carolines gift to all
Hyde Park feels resplendent
That they also now instal
This Mastaba this egyptian tomb
Like structure in our midst
Its similar to a pyramid
With a modern twist

Its open to interpretation
But what it seems to me
Is a kind of mausoleum
As to why now it should be
Put there using oil cans
And why Mayor Bloomberg came by
And inaugurated the ceremony
I do ask myself why

Is it about momentum
Population here
That is growing out of all proportion
Something that many fear
A population pyramid
Split in half to show
An explosion which is happening
Really from below

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