I gas frack pad TINKER Lane North NOTTINGHAM

Yesterday at Tinker Lane
The warriors on show
Protecting land and air and water
As some of you may know
Up against the corporations
Who have infiltrated and
Are set to cause disruption
Right across our land

The day began with a lock on
Its a perilous affair
Arms locked into tubes
Feeling vulnerable there
The police ofcourse and the others
Using chisels and god knows what
Clipped the ladies head i heard
A lack of care she got

Parked up in front of the main gates
That caused them some delay
A tripod surfer at the top
Helped out made them pay
More time elapsed the police
Again did make a pigs ear
Of getting this chap down
By stomping up the fear

When the Marriots rig appeared
They asked if they might try
And slow walk it which was turned down
So a surfer lady high
On courage and commitment
Despite the many cops
Leapt upon the rig
Pulling out all the stops

She bathed there in the sunshine
Despite the coppers who
Tried to hand her a harness
Clearly clueless to
The honourable intention
Principled and high
Equitable and unchanging
Which of course was why

More delay the truck
Blocked the road for a goodly time
A constancy of caring
It had been a splendid climb
Later as three trucks appeared
To go into the site
Another surfer made his mark
His chivalry in spite
Of all the cops around there
And so yes more delay
This filthy dirty industry
Has to be made to pay
It creates in people
So much fear
Of what has gone before
The threats to air and water
And a whole lot more

Destruction of our habitat
Noise issues all the day
Chemicals used in fracking
Undeclared they cant allay
The fear the local people have
For these hydrocarbon yobs
We have seen them all around the world
The blow outs how it robs

People of their land their health
The ignorance and pain
Negative equity on their homes
There is nothing to gain
They might throw money
At us
But the risks are much too high
Fracking should be banned
Worldwide to say otherwise is a lie

And Seismic activity
Is something to pursue
Professor Stiles has made the point
On old coal seams it wont do
Risk to all and sundry
And the government doesnt care
They bash on with aggression
Which clearly isnt fair

And so there is resentment
To I gas and the rest
INEOS And Cuadrilla
Who feel that they are blessed
With the destruction of our way of life
And the environment out there
And with no safety plans in place
Of course so much despair

We have seen the darkly ravages
In Australia and the US
Vast tracts of land destroyed
And little has been addressed
Once they get their foothold
Established then of course
They carry on regardless
And do it with great force

The angels the protectors
Are establishing a place
Fending off the coppers
And some are a disgrace
Aggressive almost military
Manhandling our souls
Who give their time and efforts
Against these strict controls

Fracking is seriously lacking
Any favour and today
We dont need dirty energy
And why should we then pay
Vast reserves of water
Needed for every frack
Millions of potable gallons
Its integrity they lack

The air with increasing methane
The frack water goes where
Into rivers canals and seas
They just don’t even care
Its always down to money
To profit for the few
And all these trucks
Now ruining our roads
Paid for by me and you

we must all step up and save our souls
From their invasive wrath
We bave our codes of honour
We walk the honest path
We Remain conscientious
Pure minded as before
What we do is for our children
And who could ask for more

Please all of you
Do your own research
Realise that they
The energy corporations
Their contempt is here to stay
We have no forms of insurance
They will always indemnify
Protected by the small print
Which is really why

Our land is green and pleasant
And What we need today
Is not great sprawling gas fields
And being made to pay
With some of our beautiful farmland
The national trust land too
Pinpointed for destruction
By another fracking crew

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