Anger was manifest
Guatamala has witnessed its wrath
This great fire mountain belched into life
From its throat a great lava path
Carving its way through the villagers
Spewing out ash everywhere
People were smothered
And ran for their lives
Caught in great tongues of despair

Pyroclastic clouds heaving rocks
To the sky
Crashed down the mountainside
And many did die
Caught up the fierceness
In the hand of time
A grim-visages war
With this hot boiling slime

The fervour the blistering burning
Many were burned to death
It was insane
They didnt get warning
Just bang and the need
To run like the clappers
Just to succeed

Ash was blown everywhere
Covering trees covering people
Some on their knees
Cremating and burning all life around
At 700 degrees
In cinders some drowned
Many are dying and missing for sure
Whole families wiped out
some say that more
People are missing

They ran and they ran
Pompei revisited
How it began
A great explosion
Shot into the sky
Ash and fire throated intention
Sent high
To crash back down
In the blink of an eye

12350 h
Feet high

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