Extend flesh eating to all animals

A petition out on twitter
Apparently sets its case
For extending the consumption
Of dogs and cats
Give chase
To exotica thats the canines
And the felines and no doubt
Anything else that moves
Yes thats what its about

A weirdly perverse behaviour
Of establishing a way
Of consuming predator animals
Carnivores, a play, on altering
The balance
Regarding dogs and cats
And other predator species
Called exotica the stats

From such sick individuals
Clearly matter not
On Bush meat and wild animals
These people want the lot
The soiling and the dirtiness
The putrefaction too
Non sterile and the festering
Be it tainted which is true

No matter how disgusting
How such flesh might repel
Nauseate or sicken
The Meat Traders from HELL
As long as they are earning
And their marketplace can be
Growing then apparently
Every single predator on earth
Can be eaten literally

So all things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
According to these butchers
Can be eaten by us all
The persecuted the hunted
Their intolerable desire
To cause immense affliction
And internal fire

This is, total antipathy
An abhorrence and displeasure
Offensive and repulsive
Clearly they dont measure
Outcomes in this quest of theirs
To extend the butchering to
Every creature that walks this earth
Their answer just to screw

Its offensive, and its malevolent
Execrable and wrong
To publish such a petition
Where does it belong
In some low lifes charter
Giving supremacy
On anything created
To live and so to be
It is beyond the proverbial pale
And a hardening of the soul
Its dehumanizing and brutalizing
And is merciless control?

Its one step from cannabalism
Its criminality
Its aiding and abetting
The cruelest infamy
Devious and torturous
Insidious and dark
Degeneracy and flagrancy
Which tries To make its mark

Its pure evil

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