out of sight out of mind really Australia?

Despite the closer scrutiny
Of live exports what we see
Is still too many sheep that die
On each voyage which feels to me
Like abuse and dreadful cruelty
These are animals and they
Face stress beyond their wildest thoughts
And why should they have to pay?

Despite the Turnbull Government
Setting rights we see
Still a one per cent death rate
Such a fatality
Is actually much more than that
A thousand or so dead
Really this is a brutal trade
And It should be put to bed

Much of what is sent
Goes to Kuwait
And what they do
Is process sheep and send them on
Earning it is true
So why not kill the animals
In Australia and send
To Qatar Oman and the UAR
Its a trade we can’t defend

I hear live exports
Are about six per cent each year
Around 1.8 million
Most from WA its clear
It would be far healthier
Either to let them be
Used for wool
Then processed
And shipped accordingly

Despite the regulations
Sheep they suffer so
We suffer on long journeys
In cabins as you know
Loaded just like cargo
In all the heat and stress
And being killed at the end of the day
Really who could want for less

Susan Ley has been forefront
In fighting the animals cause
We must thank her for her efforts
There has to be a pause
Its good we have seen suspensions
Really brought about
By activists and observers
For ofcourse there is no doubt

Live exports are an anathema
Such hurtfulness we see
Maltreatment snd oppresssion
And victims tragically
Some 1500 animals at least
In 15 days
Mangled spoiled and injured
In all sorts of ways

Heat stress it is terrible
The voiceless why should they
Its shameful its contemptible
Its deplorable they pay
We know they are being murdered
So who cares anyway
Well I care and so many care
And it has to change today

Let other markets do it
Contaminate their souls
Its vulgar and its sordid
Australia its roles
Are to see our standards rising
Its better to be straight
Lets back regeneration
And try to re create

A sea change in these exports
Let more green shoots grow
Ship processed meat to markets
Its progressive as we know
Killed here in Australia
Where standards are quite high
Compared to the way they do it
In the Middle East, where they die

In abject pain and agony
After a hellish trip
After being manhandled
Really in the grip
Of for them something so dangerous
A curse of high degree
Exposure to the demons
And their insecurity

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