The notion of an Ocean

Created by the almighty
I am ocean I am sea
Essential for all life on earth
And I will always be
Immortal and undying
Indestructible for I
Am tangible and palpable
And equal to the sky

A wholeness and a fullness
An indivisibility
Bang to rights with creation
Great depths to which I go
Seething with created life
And complexity on show

A wondrous state of order
A true harmony
From the very beginning
Every discovery
Primordial primeval
Embryonic lets begin
Its was balanced
From commencement
And tries to underpin

The multitudinous masses
Really everywhere
In a superabundant ocean
Where boundlessness all share
The concept of your arrogance
Pollution as your key
Taking on the natural world
In perpetuity

The potent and the mighty
The pervading and the strong
Resourceful and regarded
Efficacious all along
A vitality and vigour
From the alkalinity
The invincible the unexhausted
Freedom that there be

I am the greatest Ocean
Such productivity
Re-shaping and remoulding
A kind of constancy
Regeneration and resurgence
Expansion everywhere
Unfathomable chasms
Supported by the air

Life and its vast intercourse
The vital spark within
A case for the miasmic
Just underneath the skin
Pollutants on a vast scale
Radiation too
A refuse tip beneath the waves
A nightmare coming true

Corals fading bleaching reaching
Many species dying out
Plastic sputum miniscule
Naivete called into doubt
Oil and gas and chemicals took
Germs into their core
Man has in a few short years
Taken Oceans into war

The voiceless scream their undertones
Grip the heart and break the bones
Drama is at every portal
Psychodrama it is here
The disinclination of sense and favour
A resoluteness loud and clear
Fanaticsm and bigotry
A foregone conclusion now
The corporatocracy advancing
With intentions really now of how

To syphon off the creative bounty
The oceans children one by one
Pollute and savage every life form
Really till the day is done
Debasement and deterioration
Impairment on a massive scale
Is it total ruination
Is it now beyond the pale

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