PNR Fracking

Swearing on the bible
Statements under oath
Insistent and emphatic
Corporate enforcers wroth
The frackers think they are
Where theres money To be made
Its all to do with the Bowland shale
And protectors know they are laid

out before the government
Corruption through and through
Local councils some have said NO
The home secretary though who
Will probably give the go ahead
Despite the doom and gloom
Despite the various challenges
Its a way to groom

The locals into thinking
They can earn some bread
Work as double agents
And risk just falling dead
Taking all the pollution
Injunctions at a stroke
But not planning for emergencies
Which is more than a joke

A blowout can cost millions
And the areas around
All the sites they are considering
All of them have found
People in this country
It isnt like the states
And if shit really hits the fan
The explosion it creates

The chemicals into the air
And the water that we drink
The misinformation
Could take us to the brink
Strong arm tactics from the police
And private security will
Never stop the local people
For its them they are going to kill

Contravening by laws
Recanting all the grief
Opposing those who question
There can be no relief
Fire services and ambulance
Not forgetting the police
If there is a leak
Somewhere and a big release

Its going to cost a lot of money
The clean up and we know
All the services coming together
From a single blow
The frackers rewrite common laws
Deception is their thing
Dupery and skulduggery
To the table they may bring

They exaggerate
And they turn a blind eye
To the risks that are there
And the public sadly can remain asleep
The majority unaware
Fracking is a filthy fuel
Wasting water so
And offering up pollution
On a scale that can only grow

The old coal seams
Risk factors are great one has to say
Fracking in those areas
Spells danger and A way of
Raising the risk and having
no Insurance in case of fire
Can really put our towns at risk
And the casualty figures dire

They are strong arming the locals
With their common purpose goons
Many are aggressive with a dose of looney tunes
Pushing local women and watching them lock on
arresting them for nothing
Wishing they were gone
Acting as enforcers for the trucks
Who come to ply
Preventing any time delays
Which is really why

Minimising slow walks
This is what they do
As for the Pakistan grooming gangs
They get off we know they do
If its Tommy Robinson
He’s arrested, they
And ofcourse is tried and ofcourse they lied
He is in prison that same day

The recent marches held in London
Thousands did take part
But the BBC said nothing
They do not have the heart
All are corporate cancers
With a lack of clarity
And fracking is a wasteful evil
Destruction of the environment
It needs more scrutiny
The need to do your own research
And not believe a word
These companies are telling
For most of its absurd

Potable drinking water
Will be wasted for all time
Millions of gallons per frack
It takes
The pollution levels climb
You will never drink that water
Or irrigate the land
They will have to find places to dump it
This You must understand

England is not like America
Or Australia we are small
And heavily populated
And so for the long haul
If fracking gets the backing
We can write off all we know
Beauty spots and parkland
Where wildness is on show

Write it off completely
To the huge trucks and the drills
Noise its coming do not sell out
And when you get the spills
If you have been bought off earlier
Their blood money wont pay
The house price differential
Its coming Its on its way

BRitish Gas (centrica) have lobbed across some dough
Hoping to make a killing
Watching their profits grow
At our expense its happening
And its up to
Us to say
We dont want this dirty rotten fuel
not any day.

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