Sea world and Orca’s
Whatever they say
Its as much about deceit
At the end of the day
With their ten orca’s
In what is a tank
Of concrete and chlorine
Which For me To be frank

Its no place for orca’s
Take poor Ulises
He looks tired and weary
And something to seize
On is the blue water
Chlorine and all
No depth to speak of
Its a just a bad call

Their opening hours
Are 10 till 5
Its one of those theme parks
Dealing in live
Sea mammals
Dolphins and whales
BEluga’s and Orca
Just victims in jails

They talk up education
But its kidology
Its all tongue in cheek
Its just mockery
Seeing poor Ulises
All on his own
He’s no will o the wisp
His future is blown

Its like a veneer
Its just make believe
Kind of tokenism
Where Sea World deceive
The public the exhibits
Become well just that
Abandoned and cell bound
And really now at

A pause in their lives
Its a racket thats all
We are all being duped
They take us for a fool
Great ocean goers
How can it be
That they end up in a tank
Full of chlorine, can we
In our heart of hearts
Imagine that they
Are anything really
But in disarray

And its all done for profit
The bottom line
Projections and budgets
And accounts that they sign
And beautiful animals
Must live in this way
In a darkly theme park
Till the end of the day

Everyday is the same
No ocean to see
Nothing live nothing genuine
They just must be
Out of their minds
With the absence of choice
Being fed on dead fish
And having no voice

Year after year
Just going to ground
No depths to speak of
And they have found
The sun clearly hot
Their skin extra fine
Burning can happen
Its not a good sign

Watching the pictures of
Ulises today
Clearly he’s upset
And sickening, they
Suffer the iniquitous life
That they lead
Dosed up with drugs
And never live feed
Its a crying shame
To see Orca’s like this
A complete tragedy
Stolen from bliss

It is very blissful
Out in the sea
Swimming to great depths
And wanting to be
Whereever one wants
All the freedom deserved
And instead what you have
Leaves you just unnerved

In pursuance of profit
And Turnover they
Well tinker with balance sheets
Making it pay
And who are the victims
The live souls who be
Exhibits in sea world
Who will never be free

We all have one life
But imagine their gloom
Of swimming each day
In what is more like a tomb
The Chlorination
And dead fish for tricks
Consigned to the circus
Their lives knocked for six

Its truly debasement
Losing ones ground
Total impoverishment
And little sound
No waves and no surf
And no coral or fish
Just concrete snd waste
And neglect to relish

6 comments on “Ulises

  1. Kimberly Forssander Bergstrom on said:

    Thank you Rex, I think you with these words sent energy to Ulises. This really hits the soul hard.

  2. Debbie Bailey on said:


    Thank-you for your prose and interest in Ulises.
    Hope many will follow in your footsteps, and he will get the help he needs.
    Thank-you, Debbie Bailey

  3. Cindy on said:

    So beautifully done, so sad it makes me cry…how can humans do this to such a magnificent intelligent being. They are soulless monsters…but we are their voice and we will never stop till Ulises is free in a sanctuary

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thankyou Cindy its so terrible that corporations are supported by the ignorant as they are not only at the expense of the animals but of the people who waste their money keeping them all in business

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