The Red Ape

Borneo and Sumatra
Two islands in the sea
The only place on earth infact
Where Orangutans now be
One wonders really how long for
For we the arrogant fools
We the ignorant idiots
Whose behaviour just appals

Being wild and knowledeable
In this day and age
Does nothing for your pedigree
It leaves you off the page
The people and the animals
That lived on earth before
The genius tribe of science
And computers who ignore

The old ways and the natural mother
The materialistic sods
The corporation employees
Who believe they are the gods
They have no thought for anybody else
Alive today
Who might have been the guardians
All along the way

The indigenous and the animals
Who have put in some fifty thou
Years in learning how to live
How to really wow
The universe of the thoughtful
Of the caring of the soul
Of respecting their great mother
And not trying to control

The great red ape
A person of the forest what a soul
With vast amounts of our DNA
Who understood their role
Great families and vast knowledge
Philosophers they were
Arborial apes whose wisdom
A few around concur

A deliberateness and a true resolve
An ambition to just be
Who they were and what they were
And live arboreally
They were designed to do that
With forethought and with care
The constancy and tenacity
To countenance and share

A ceaselessness of effort
A stickability
To live as they were expected to
And all unflaggingly
Unwavering and undaunted
By the perils from the ground
Unprompted and unbidden
By the natural world around

Iron-willed and independent
To know ones mind and be
The best mother to their children
Hell bent on being free
Instinctive and subliminal
Bewitched one just might say
Compelled to train the children
Their obligation everyday

To have that disposition
That inclination for
Mothering and fathering
And loving to be sure
To dedicate their lives
To be so pliant and so strong
Ungrudgingly to work at it
And really to belong

Amenable and predisosed
To pass the knowledge on
For seven years to carry
It, to really all belong
In the wondrous forest
Among the glorious trees
To learn to live in harmony
With all its uncertainties

What of shallow man
The newly aquired determined breed
Corrupted by the money
The spineless want of greed
The inconstancy the compromise
The vacillating crowd
Uncomitted and superficial
And altogether loud

Rather high on pigheadedness
And perversity
The bigots and fanatics
The traffickers
That be
Involved in the illegal pet trade
Eccentric one might say
Iniquitous and sinful
Plagued by greed all day

Ignorant of nature
And how its works and why
Headstrong and incorrigible
It was all pie in the sky
To them to love and care about
The animals in the trees
If they could make good money
Then on that they would seize

And so our orangutan babies
Cute big eyed innocent souls
Might fetch A hundred dollars
Clearly they were poles
Apart from us
The genuiness of nature
Wouldnt do
For them it is just money
Their downfall through and through

And so the trade began in earnest
And mothers were killed on sight
Our babies then were captured
No nothing here was right
But they were dogged and hard nosed
Headstrong without care
Brazen and so ignorant
And as such everywhere

And then of course
The corporations
Mindless senseless power
Run alongside banksters
More fraudulent by the hour
Irresponsibility and evil through and through
Predestined to be vagabonds
And all were clueless too

The wonders of the forests
The choices we all made
Respect for mother nature
And her encouragement that played
Out in all our lives there
The inducement to be sound
To inspire to prompt to help each other
In the trees and all around

The logging out of hardwoods
The great heart wood torn down
Great visions of uniformity
How they went to town
The massive metal monsters
The great toothed sawing tools
That created yawning spaces
We associate with the fools

And then of course came Palm oil
The greatest threat around
For here they took out all the trees
Every tree they found
War a fearsome battleground
Such adversity such pain
So many of us slaughtered
And treated with disdain

Angst malaise discomfort
All orders of the day
Tragedy each casualty
Accepting as we say
Insidious injurious
Calamitous and awry
In pursuit of profit
Which was why we had to die

Abandoned and forgotten
We tried to get away
We swung from tree to tree
We did
Until of course today
Our homes are gone forever
The forest is no more
Now its palm oil everywhere
No no way back no more

Mother nature was perfection
Her infallibility
Was obvious to all of us
We ofcourse could see
The mindset it was evident
For centuries it had been
Perfected she was faultless
And never ever mean

Never ever selfish
Wanting for herself
Consummate and crowning
She provided health
To all of us and we respected
Her and gave her care
Old souls we were all old souls
Knowing how to share

So the pet trade and the logging
And the palm oil did debase
Caused utter exhaustion
Something we couldnt face
Erosion and putrefaction
Pollution everywhere
Spoilage waste and evil
Mischief and despair

Critically endangered
Our new point of call
Our lush green forests wasted
The emotion of it all
Many of us slaughtered
Murdered shotŷŷ to bits
Or captured and then tortured
By the new age human twits

The shallow tribe
Afflicted by the scourge
Of earning more
The fearful and the greedy
Always wanting war
Virulence and venom
Ominous and forboding
And now where we be

The vulnerable the endangered
Undefended up to now
Helpless and unsupported
A few angels though and how!
Hard they worked to help us
Out on a limb we were
Dicing with death and danger
Life had become a blur

Some of us were victims
As children made to be
Chained up in some backyard
And taunted constantly
Some of us then were abused
Sexually oh dear
Lost souls in a den of vice
Living with the fear

The pain the shame the burden
The maelstrom deep inside
Each hazard that we managed
Our conscious then denied
Ominous and threatening
Admonished night and day
Until we were rescued
By the light that shone our way

Emergency extraction teams
Angels one might say
And forests schools that play
A huge part in our make up
And special bonds that we
As people of the forest
Realise are key

These must be the humans
With similar DNa
Not the vile dark savages
That work with such dismay
The rescuers that help us
The liberators they
Send us to new forests
Many miles away

It is their assignment
Their labour of love
Its their undertaking
Almost from above
They understand the mother
Wonderful they be
For They set their shoulders to our wheel
And love us earnestly.

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  1. Kimberly Forssander Bergstrom on said:

    If only all could see the truth as you do Rex.

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