Elberton and its Guide Stones

Some 750 feet above sea level
The granite monoliths stand tall
On any given day
Looking down upon us
Since 1980 they
Command a true expression
The Guide Stones
So they say

Someobody called Christian
Paid for them to be
In the capital of granite
Where the world could see
A modern day creation
Of a henge from long ago
Aligned astronomically
And purported to show

A compass calendar and clock
In languages galore
Laying down a mantra
Not seen on earth before
Five hundred million inhabitants
Stable and no more
And future reproduction
Closely controlled a law
United humanity one language
We could see
Maybe it was masonic
Or illuminati

Even the rosicrucions
Or a luciferian mob
Be not a cancer of this earth
Humans must never rob
NAture of its special place
And so it has to be
The rulers of the universe
Have spoken seems to me

Eugenics is now paramount
The population must
Be reduced from its massiveness
A figure so unjust
Gods now in the making
Souls that will not die
The epiphany is breaking
Great spirits from on high

The godhead and divinity
Deities now be
Immortal and dynamic
In the new economy
Transhumanists and cyborgs
And cycles of desire
A creeping scourge of cancer
Technology’s great fire

World population falling
Massively from today
Mandatory licensing of parents
Has to be the way
The so called new world order
The paedophilic minds
Sacrificial blood banks
These then are the signs

Of what is to be coming
In the aoens that will be
When the human specks of lust and greed
Are composted violently
Controlling population
Having slaves who be
Partly cyborg Assets
Who will never again be free

Few have sought to investigate
The Georgian Guidestones they
Are very closely monitored
And spied on night and day
They are rolling out the 5 g
60 ghz and more
And this will cut their numbers
Which ofcourse is what its for

The great birth rate is diminishing
And the death rate rising fast
Technology is addictive
Which is why its cast
More aggresively and secretely
Than at any time before
Autism at an all time high
And transgenders more and more
Of these sterile groups
The kleinfeltis the chromosomal breed
Leading to the targets
That are Going to succeed.

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