Cough syrup

The pharmaceutical corporations
They have so much power
If they stoop to enter
The street market and vow
To infiltrate the pharmacies
Directly then they might
Cause a revolution
That will be far from slight

In Nigeria we are seeing
The use of codeine highs
Its supposed to be pain killing
An opioid of size
Mix it up with syrup
And then dilute with coke
Drink it like a soft drink
With one hell of a poke

Of what is massive proportions
And the youngsters they drinks lots
Many love the strawberry flavour
And not realise the shots
they are getting are so potent
The morbidity they display
Destroying internal organs
In a buttock clenching way

Organ failure and end game
Madness you can see
Some locals they clap them in irons
Helping them to be
Kept away from people
I mean they are as mad as hell
Injurious and damaging
Even if they love the smell

For the makers to come to the street
Thats squalor thats obscene
Already they make a fortune
So at street level its mean
Heartless mindless fanatics
Knowing the market they
Are taking all this poison
To the children what a way

To earn substantial margins
To go direct and see
Cutting out the middle men
And earning rapidly
Ruining the society
Degrading as they go
Traumatizing family life
And watching markets grow

Its perilous and parlous
Their vulnerability
All of this exposure
Breeds insecurity
And its all fraught with danger
Defiance everywhere
Attacking the very fabric
And perhaps unaware

The severity of the sickness
Its uncompromisingly bad
Compulsive and coercive
And in a nutshell sad
Breaking up the family units
Drawing gangland fights
Everyone is taking it
And its putting out their lights

Although they are burning vast amounts
Seizures everywhere
swat teams
Raiding seedy clubs
Drug barons do not care
The pharmaceutical industry
Is totally out of control
Ravenously greedy
And selfish without soul

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