Anne the elephant

Beverly and Janie
Were lovely friends of mine
Both With moral fibre
Noble and divine
They were so trustworthy
In every single way
And ofcourse confined in me
How they wanted to stay
That Romanian keeper
Nitu yes him he
Was often very brutal
My arthritic legs
The agony
Vile venality
And spivvery
Thats was what he showed
And everybody knew that
He broke every code

Its undignified
And a treacherous state
When human beings
Display the trait
Of Being untruthful
And insidious too
A spurious content
And ignoble view
Unbelievable depravity
On a female who
Had suffered very badly
Whose plight was really true
Being so old and bearing the scars
I stood there chained up
Just Seeing stars

As he beat me
Without reason
Other than I
Was suffering
The relentlessness
That then did apply
And the weight of it all
And without remorse
And his way with me
He tried to force

It all comes back
To the shit before
To the circus acts
To the blood and gore
To the mean transgressions
I was put through
An uneasy conscience
That continued to brew

And now alone
Unable to speak
To talk with a friend
And getting so weak
In myself just the need
Of another around
To comfort and keep
My feet on the ground

3 scatty goats
And the humans who
Come to help
Which is what they do
Empty vessels every one
No reparation for what
They have done

The daily mail and the readers who
Came up with money
To help me through
Big ideas
Some compensation
With some liberation

Still though
There is castigation
Being alone
For me salvation
Just feels that I
Have missed out sadly
And I dont know why

Keepers vets
A therapist
An osteopath
A human twist
On a dark existence
A life of stress
With no companions
Ans no redress

The use of the ankus
For me a sin
Its not a dominion
My poor skin
Can attest that this device
In the wrong hands
Is never nice

To see it still
Engaged on me
Such perversion
Does guarantee
Flashbacks to an
Era when
The circus
Employed the rotten men

The Recidivists
Who had before
Whipped their way
For whatever for
Slammed the bullhooks
In my thighs
Was it really such a surprise
To see me wince
In awful pain
And Never want to see them again

Such a device
Such evil stuff
In my life I have had enough
Chastised each day
Beaten blue
sleepless nights
All Down to you

Bashing hammering canning whipping
Kicking drubbing it was flipping
Terrible my nights alone
Bleeding inside
As The unknown

Agony was mine all mine
Nothing proven
Down the line
The dirt the filth the obscenity
The guilty feelings
The silent plea

Uttered quietly in the night
One after another each nightmare flight
Backwards to Sri Lanka
And onwards too
Infernal sins
Of the keepers who

Use their gruffness
Their human trait
Their moody blues
Who make me wait
Being alone
With all these years
Feeling worthless
Losing tears

A low esteem
And scant respect
Disparagement I do detect
Mock and sarcasm
Taunt and gibe
Offhanded insults
To imbibe

This old lady
Really feels
Lonely as her stance reveals
Such heartlessness
And no compassion
Promised the earth
But given less
A plastic ball on a rope
The stress
The radio on
But no paradise
And no one to talk to
Which isnt nice

We are socially
Souls of the day
We love to converse
In every way
Family life
Is all that matters
But all alone
My life’s in
Mental anguish
My destiny
I guess its how
It has to be.

2 comments on “Anne the elephant

  1. Rebecca Boyd on said:

    I am an Elephant advocate working with others on behalf of Anne
    Your beautiful poem has brought tears to my eyes
    May I share your poem , it indeed captures the heartache of her life , owned and abused my man.
    Living a life of solitary confinement
    Lovely sweet Anne deserves so much more
    Thank you

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