It feels like a hopeless situation
And the ideology
From the circus
Isnt really lost
Thats how it seems to me
Arthritis is an ailment
That leaves me in despair
When disappointment surfaces
Such forlorn hope is there

It crystallizes sadly
My legs are very sore
Joint pain muscle pain skin pain
Its altogether raw
My past was that of circus
Ugly and inhumane
It does leave much frustration
And its where life feels in vain

Suffering is constant
Day and night appear
Humdrum and depressing
Monotonous such fear
From picking up on attitudes
That don’t seem to endear

I miss having the comfort
Of another ele here
Someone to share my agony
To rejoice a while and clear
The demons from my mindset
The torture and the pain
The memories inflicted
That haunt me yet again

The joylessness the pessimism
My spirit in such doubt
Different carers than the circus
But seemingly about
How hard to keep ones countenance
It is
Unnerved I feel
Expecting so much more
That I have and thus hard to conceal

The despondency and the constancy
Of pain and lack of joy
Lack of some light heartedness
The relief one can employ
To just curtail the burden
Of being on ones own
The circus and its aura
Something to disown

400 or so miles away
In Limousin in France
There is an elephant haven
And, there was a chance
For me to go and stay there
Some amiability
Manna in the wilderness
And some tranquillity

Perhaps my last adventure
Not a pipedream anymore
But a sanctuary with others
Euphoric and whats more
Allowing me to rid that smell of circus
From by mind
With all its dark obtuseness
And From which I can’t unwind

Perhaps an air of effusiveness
With an unction just to be
Myself again be touchy-feely
Lyrical and free
From the humiliation
Of the bull hook brigade
The antipathetic whispers
That somewhow do not fade

2 comments on “ANNE 10

  1. Maria Fernada da Silve Maia on said:

    So sad beautiful, and true, dear Rex !! Thank you !!

  2. Thankyou Maria Anne is going through a difficult time

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