Akashinga (the brave ones)

They look the part
They act the part
They are all heart and they
Are the women they are the brave ones
The Akashinga pay
Attention to the animals
That some would hunt and kill
Uprightness and honesty
And integrity and skill

Its hard work
And Its demanding
Their responsibility
To take on wily poachers
Whose criminality
Is underhand and cunning
They are shameless one can say
Devious and tortuous
Causing much dismay

Damien Mander an Australian Soldier
2 Commando’s he, trains them
Gets them ready
For any eventuality
And poachers many desperate
Who come to kill and maim
The animals of Zimbabwe
Yes the very same

They look good
And they train hard
Camouflage and all
They have weapons and they use
And they are on call
They live off conservation
Candour and constancy
A really dedicated team
Of women who agree

Wild animals are everything
Natures gifts they be
And shooting them and killing
Is no ones destiny
Akashinga what a group
Of dedicated souls
Responsible and duteous
Establishing controls

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